Friday, February 25, 2011

Calzone Night 2007

This is a true blast from the past: a homemade calzone night in 2007 with some pals in their bachelor pad. There wasn't anything sophisticated about this meal, we used Jiffy mix for the dough with mozzarella and ricotta cheese + toppings on the inside. The secret? Garlic butter brushed over the top of the calzones really made them delicious.

One Jiffy pizza dough mix was enough for two calzones.

We cut vents into the top of the calzone to let the steam out.

The calzones are in the oven!

Yum! Way more cost effective (and a bit faster) than ordering from the pizzeria down the street.

I have made a lot of homemade pizzas since then (I make my own dough now), but I have not made a calzone for a long time. Calzones are one of Keith's favorite foods, so I am going to have to do this again soon!

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