Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sweet Apple Desserts

Whenever I have a lot of apples, I automatically think of sweet desserts. I worked hard to find some savory apple dishes, but this post is 100% dedicated to the sweet dishes I created with my apple picking apples.

1) Apple crisp

If you are going to think about apple desserts, then Apple Crisp is one of the first desserts that comes to mind. (Okay, maybe Apple Pie would come first, but I don't have a pie plate so I can't make pies!)

The Apple Crisp with 11 apples before baking.

Next time: I would cut the toppings in half and just add it to the top, rather than the top and bottom of the apples as the recipe suggests. As it was, I reduced the amount of oats to 2 cups (from 2.5 cups). I also reduced the amount of sugar in this apple dessert (1.5 cups from 2 cups). I may reduce it even further in the future. (I like things sweet, but apples have such a good sweetness on their own that they don't need much extra sugar!)

Yum. I have nothing else to say.

2) Apple Cake

This apple cake is to die for. I used a bunt cake pan to cook it, and As you can see from the edges something in the batter caramelized, giving the edges a crispy sweet taste.

3) Caramelized Apples

The first night after apple picking, I wanted to make something sweet really fast. I found two different recipes for caramelized apples (Caramelized Apples 1 and Caramelized apples 2)

I have no idea what kinds of apples I chose, because they were all mixed up. I sliced up three apples (each of a different variety) and sauted them with 2T butter and 3T brown sugar. I poured reduced apple cider over them as a sauce.

The result? I'm not sure if I actually have caramelized apples here, but I do have a sweet and yummy dessert.

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