Thursday, February 2, 2012

Indy's Sick Day

Last fall, Indy (our American Eskimo puppy at 4 months old) got really sick (*cough* digestively.) The vet told us to keep him on a bland diet of boiled rice and chicken with no salt or oil. Enter the rice cooker + 3.5 cups rice + 7 cups water + 2 chopped up chicken breasts = Indy's food for the weekend.

I knew there is no butter or spices in the mix, but it smelled AMAZING. Even I wanted to eat it!

Indy was particularly excited when he smelled this food. (He also had not had anything to eat for a while that day.)

I think that Indy liked this bland dinner more than his standard kibble... Despite being sick, he was a very happy boy at mealtimes.

Since this bout with illness, Indy has been very healthy. And I have learned a good trick to temperarly help with digestive issues... canned pumpkin!

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