Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Take a look inside an arancino!

Keith has craved arancini (fried rice balls) every since we came home from Italy. He found a recipe that indicated they were not outside our ability to recreate. To make our first attempt easier, we started with store bough risotto from Trader Joes. After Keith defrosted the risotto, we had to let it sit for a while to cool off so we could help it form into the arancini balls.

We mixed cheese and some bread crumbs in with the risotto, and then formed it into balls. Well, Keith formed the rice balls, I covered them with bread crumbs so most of the crumbs would end up on the rice, and not our hands!

We considered baking the arancini, but decided that it was worth making them properly (fried) the first time. Next time I may try baking them to see if they will still be tasty.

Keith had to give this experience a thumbs up!

We used a lot of paper towels to soak up the excess oil after the arancini were fried.

Some arancini and a side of marinara. What could be better than this?

Overall, the experience was a success! It was a little sad to realize that Trader Joes actually sells arancini bites, but I still think that our homemade ones were superior!

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