Friday, July 15, 2011

Beef Teriyaki Stir Fry

I love to stir fry. I joke about how bad I am about baking meat, but why would you take 40 minutes to wait for dinner when you can fry it up in 15? The dish I am going to describe today is one of my favorites to cook. There is no recipe here because you find the stuff you have and toss them in together.

This dish revolves around an amazing teriyaki sauce by Culinary Circle (see below). The sauce is sweet, but not too sweet and whatever spices in it are perfect to hit all of my taste buds. For the beef, I tend to choose whatever is on sale, but with a preference for steak tips or other small cuts of beef. I slice it thin, and leave it to marinate in the sauce for a few minutes before I begin cooking.

My favorite frozen vegetable mix is the frozen sugar snap stir fry by Birds Eye. I will defrost the vegis a bit in the microwave, using a tiny bit of water and some plain teriyaki sauce. After the vegis have defrosted, I pour out the water (and sauce) from the bottom to keep it from diluting the sauce in the finished dish.

In today's batch, I'm going to add some old rice (not quite fried rice, but it's an easy way to warm it up). The final component is some shelled edamame. I will either shell it myself, or use frozen pre-shelled. I add this to the stir fry at the very end, and don't bother defrosting it at all. It cooks really fast and gives the dish a nice crunch.

And here you go, a nice big pan full of deliciousness. This is a well r0unded meal all in one pot, and since there are only two of us this lasts for longer than one meal!


  1. Stir Fry! The reason I bought an electric Farberware wok - since my stove was electric. (now I have gas and the electric wok is unused)

    What I wanted to share with you -- my husband loved meat loaf. For Valentine's Day one year I made him a meat loaf in the shape of a heart!!

    He was so touched and enjoyed every bite.

    I don't have a heart-shaped pan so I winged it.

    Now it's 4:10 AM and I'm still hungry.


    1. My mom used to make a heart shaped dinner for every Valentine's day. Heart shaped carrots, brownies and burgers. I LOVE the idea of a heart shaped meat loaf. I will have to do that this year.