Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Grill Pan

At the beginning of July, we moved into our new Evanston, IL home. You forget how hard it is to cook with an incomplete kitchen, so we worked hard to get it set up as soon as possible.

One of the first things we unpacked was a grill pan we received as a wedding gift. We picked up some JennieO turkey sausages, which they rarely had in Boston but I ate frequently as a kid. This made the first use of a wedding gift even more exciting!

Cooking on a grill pan takes a lot longer than cooking on a normal frying pan. I suppose it's slower than a grill because it isn't covered.

It was hard to flip the sausages... they're slippery little suckers! The tongs that were still packed in a box would have helped a lot with this meal. Nevertheless, this was an easy meal and I was thrilled to be cooking again! Stay tuned for a lot more discussion of brand new kitchen gadgets.

Look at those grill marks!

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