Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Boiled Corn Beef

I love a good boiled dinner. When I make corned beef, I usually do not add veggies to the pot, I focus just on the meat. There are two reasons why I don't make corned beef more often: 1) it is expensive, and 2) it isn't that good for you.

We got a great deal on Corned Beef at Costco - $14 for 4 pounds! This was a deal that I just couldn't pass up.

The instructions that came with the cut of meat.

I'm cooking it in a very simple way, boiling. Since it supposedly takes 1 hour per pound of meat, I had to wait until I had an afternoon at home to cook it. I added the included spices to the pot (boy did it smell good.) After 2h and 45 min, the fork came out easy, so I decided it was done. I kept the pot covered until Keith came home for dinner.

I'm glad that I did not cook the corned beef for 4 hours like the package indicated, we would have had a very soft dinner, indeed!

As much fat as there is in the pot, the beef stock that remained after we removed the corned beef smelled amazing. I would have saved it if we had more space in our freezer...


  1. My beloved did not eat corned beef or the cabbage - so it is not easy to do it for one person. However, when Costco has a tiny one and there is time for me to cook it, I buy a small cabbage, too (not at Costco)

    I love cb and cabbage - and then cold cb sandwiches until meat is gone.

    You're making me very hungry and it's 4 AM. I must go to bed or will oversleep for theater at 2 PM. Bye!

    Marny in CA (not Anonymous)

    1. Sorry for making you hungry :). I think corned beef is the only meat that Costco has in a not-super-huge quantity.