Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cookie Press Shapes

Earlier today I shared with you my first experience with a cookie press. In this post, I am going to share the shapes of the disks from the Crate and Barrel Cookie Press. Other cookie presses contain similar shapes, so this could be a handy reference for other presses.

Some of my friends thought these looked like trilobites.

This is the one shape I cannot really figure out. The shape is too small to make a nice shape, the tiny stars are cute, but too much dough comes out in one click to make them.

Christmas Tree Cookie Press Shape

This shape would look really cool decorated with frosting.

When baked, my friends think that turned to the side, the pumpkin shape could also resemble Santa.

I didn't expect this shape to create a heart, but I love what came out of it!

Is this supposed to be a 4 leaf clover?

I'm not a huge fan of the candy cane shape, I think that too much dough comes out in a click to create a good shape. I would just roll candy canes by hand.

The best shape for filling with jam.

This flower shape is super pretty. If you added a face it could look like a lion

I love this shape, although the size of it does seem to vary a bit each time. I need more practice before I get a good consistent shape.

Another flower shape

I don't know what this shape is supposed to portray, but the design is super cool

Another flower shape. In baking it will fuse together.

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