Saturday, May 7, 2011

French French Toast

"Accounts differ as to the origins of the Luftwaffle. It is agreed that it began as a fulling and nutritious breakfast served by the brothers of Zeta Psi at MIT. The staple of the Luftwaffle is a Belgium waffle with a German flag stuck in its center. It has also been known to include French toast, German sausage, and an English muffin." -Keith

For Keith's birthday he requested his favorite breakfast (French toast) but with a special request. He wanted me to place a french flag ON the toast. I was more than happy to deliver! I suppose that this is a variation of a Luftwaffle, but I'm instead calling it French French toast.

For the French toast, I made a loaf of homemade challah. I skipped the braiding and egg wash since I would be soaking them in eggs the next morning! The egg mixture for this breakfast had 4 eggs, some milk, vanilla, cinnamon, a dash of allspice, a tiny amount of nutmeg and some brown sugar.

The only critique I got from Keith is that next time I should slice the bread thinner.

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