Sunday, May 1, 2011

Egg Breakfast Sandwich

I pride myself with cooking delicious breakfast sandwiches. Part of my secret is that I use brown sugar sausage, but in the sandwich I'm going to show you today I stuck to the basic egg and cheese on a bagel.

For the bagel I like to choose either an everything bagel or a honey wheat variety. I think a bit of sweet and salty is what makes a bagel sandwich scrumptious.

Before cooking the eggs, I toast the bagel. If I'm feeling like making the sandwich less healthy, I will butter the bagel. This is a step that I frequently skip.

I cook the eggs over easy, I like bursting the yolk when I cut into the sandwich. When the eggs are cooking I season them with salt and pepper (if I'm using butter on the bagel, I usually then skip the salt.) I like to use cheddar cheese or a mexican cheese blend.

I place the bagel on a foil covered tray and then toast it until the cheese has melted. (Tip: placing some cheese between the two eggs will help keep them from slipping.)

Cut the bagel in half and enjoy!

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