Thursday, April 7, 2011

Simple Spooky Snacks

It is amazing what you can do to add a feeling of Halloween to your party.

I found this "recipe" for Halloween Brain Dip, and since I usually serve chips and salsa at parties, I knew that it would be a must for my Halloween Party. Cutting the stem out of a head of cauliflower to fill it with homemade guacamole is GENIUS! (My guacamole is different from what is shown on the recipe page. In addition to avocados and salsa I add some lime juice to taste.)

Brain salsa and guacamole

I filled some (hand washed) latex gloves with water and put them in the freezer to create some hand shaped ice cubes for my Black Halloween Punch. Unfortunately, when we tried to get the ice OUT of the glove, we ended up breaking off most of the fingers.

The orange and grape Kool-Aid Packets created the black color of the punch. I cut the sugar in half and then used more diet Ginger Ale and less water. This punch was so delicious, but dangerous because you couldn't taste the alcohol at all!

Haunted Brew.

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