Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spritz Cookies

These recipe for the Spritz Cookie batter could be easily adapted to fit any holiday. The recipe talks about making them sandwich cookies with white chocolate, but I decided to dip them in semi-sweet chocolate and then holiday themed sprinkles. (Melted in the microwave: 1/8 tsp vegetable oil per 0.5 cup of chocolate chips. Stir frequently.)

To achieve the orange color in the batter, I used 8 drops of red food coloring and 16 drops of yellow food coloring.

The cookies before decoration

At the time when I was making these cookies, I did not have a cookie press. Therefore I used a ziplock bag with a hole cut out of the end to create the shape of these cookies.

My "Cookie Press" used for these cookies. Now I own a real one so next time the shapes might be a little more interesting!

Halloween sprinkles made the perfect final touch to these cookies. I used all (with the exception of the eyeball sprinkles, those I used for another baking project.)

These cookies have a light and delicate flavor. Keith found the taste a bit boring, but I personally LOVED the taste. Will you try this Halloween cookie recipe out?

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